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About BubbleBlooms

We're Rooting for You!

What inspired us the most to pursue this journey is from our love and fascination of plants. Plants are such intriguing yet simple living things that mostly just require sunlight and water to grow. We love the idea of educating the community about proper plant care while still having fun doing so.

The name of our brand, BubbleBlooms takes ode to the unique planting style of what is terrarium gardening. While many terrariums are unique in their way of composition such as open air or closed, or soil mediums, and its plants, we love the idea of having a little bubble of happiness that you can grow.

As we keep on growing, we hope to provide nothing but the best care for every single one of our plant enthusiasts. Currently we specialize in selling tropical foliage, succulents, and cacti. All of plants will be hand-selected and some grown by ourselves too.

We're rooting for you and your new plant babies. We'll always be here to help with plant tips, advice on potting, and any thing plant related. Whenever there's a problem, do not worry! The BubbleBlooms team will be right on it!

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